Will there be a second book?

Well, Frank was released from prison and in the process of claiming damages from the Government when he sadly died. His claim died with him so although Ron Regan got him out of prison he never senn justice for his great friend.
This is true, compelling account of a life a little mislead by circumstances and surroundings. First it's about a friendship and belief in someone that stands over the years. Support of a friend on the outside is so important to the life and well being of prisoners If not for the moral and financial help from Ron and his wife, Frank may have not live through his years in prison. Without Ron following up on court matters I don't think Frank would have ever been released.

This book shows the injustice in prison of the prisoners rights, health, safety and mental fortitude. No one likes criminals. We all want them put in prison and off the streets but treated fairly and humanely. This unfortunately does not happen. It is sad that our tax dollars support such corrupt and mistreatment of humans. The correctional facilitates in the country need to be reviewed and new system needs to be instated.

Yes Frank should have been sentenced for his part in the underage sex arrangement of the girls to prostitute, however, the justice system did not do it job to make sure the truth came out that he was sentenced accordingly. Yes probation or a short jail sentence for Frank's part in the illegal transaction but he was railroaded by the courts and unjustly sentenced.

Ron, is a true friend, I am sure Frank would appreciate this book and how it tells his story. .
On reading this book, you wonder how anyone at all survives the US prison system. Is ours as bad? I hope not and I hope I never find out through personal experience. The author has shown in a subtle way how Frank DeGrasse deserves our sympathy, though maybe not our approval. He only seldom lets his own opinion of the man show, but rather he lets Frank's own words in the letters speak out. It is clear that Frank was a good and sometimes protective influence on some of the other prisoners, who were weaker than him. A glossary of some of the American slang would help, but this is an engrossing book, giving an inside view of a man in jail, suffering daily from a host of injustices, some minor, some major. You read through this book, impatient to see how it is all going to turn out.
I think this book was very kind to both Degrasse and his family, reading between the lines I thnk the man was a bit naive, addicted to gambling and not particularly well educated. This however does not make him guilty of what he was jailed for. Well done the author for helping him as much as he did. Yes, I think Frank Degrasse was using him but he was a desperate man and I feel that Frank was also grateful for the help and genuinely liked Ronald Regan. The book is about Frank Degrasse the prisoner, not Frank Degrasse the father.
I read the book and feel that the author was particularly kind towards the subjects family. I had a lousy childhood but I wish someone had written a book about my father so I could perhaps get a little better understanding of him. I see no cause for anyone to complain, why don't they write a book about their side? I also dont think the book has made Frank look like an angel either, even though he did seem to show a lot of kindness to the youngsters in the prison.. I think it was a very good story of friendship and not blame.
In reply to the comment from 'unknown' I did try to contact Franks family with regard to the book. In fact the book was partially written for the family to let them know that Frank was not as bad as he was painted! He did not deserve the punishment he recieved and I tried to put right this misconception of him. Frank never bad mouthed his family to me, and was always saying how much he loved his kids and was eager to reconcile with them. I hope this 'unknown' reads the book and realises this. I say in the book that I am sure Franks three chlldren would have a different take on it but I know that Frank gave this book his full approval.
this is my family that you are writing about alot in here and i personally think you should have reached out to them before putting all of there information out there for people to read.. you had no idea what it was like growing up with them or what they went through just remember there are 3 sides to everystory yours his and the TRUTH