Ronald Regan has been a successful entertainer for over fifty years. He is married to Maggie, has two children, five grandchildren and lives in his beloved East London where he was born in 1947. Being a born and bred Londoner Ron would never live anywhere else, although in his profession he has travelled all over the world. In 1981 whilst performing at the Sahara Casino in Reno, USA he met the subject of this book, habitual gambler Frank DeGrasse.– They became firm friends during the run of the show but lost touch when Ron moved on to his next job. In 1999 on another visit to Reno he decided to try and find Frank, only to discover that his old friend was now suffering a terrible ordeal. He was serving life in the tough Lovelock Correctional Centre for a crime he did not commit! So the battle for justice commenced.





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